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Rectangular Folding Table

Rectangular Folding Table

Rectangular Folding Table

Benefits of folding tables

The rectangular folding table range fold away for easy storage. When not being used the steel wishbone table legs fold in underneath the table top so the tables are between 6cm and 8cm when folded depending on the specific table size. Foldable table legs allow customers flexibility to use the room space for a variety of functions as when the rectangular folding tables are not needed or the evening wedding party is finished the plywood tables can be easily folded away and the room can then be prepared for breakfast or for a morning conference if required using alternative furniture. This flexible folding furniture allows our customers to maximise the profitability and efficiency of the space.


We supply replacement parts for the rectangular folding table range so that you can easily replace individual parts instead of replacing the whole table over time.
The rectangular folding table base is manufactured with 25mm tubular steel which is a very robust industrial material. The plywood folding table range is an average table weight and suitable for contract use. Steel table legs are the most popular material for table legs as they are strong, cost effective and heavy duty. We offer more lightweight table ranges like the moulded plastic or the aluminium folding table ranges. If weight is particularly important then the moulded plastic range is lighter and also a budget table option. We also supply a variety of aluminium framed folding tables lightweight aluminium folding tables and Economy Contour which are more lightweight however they are substantially more expensive due to the more lightweight materials used.
Table top thickness is the most important part of the rectangular folding table in regards to strength. All of our rectangular folding tables have a 19.5mm thick table for additional strength and longevity. You can find thinner 15mm or 18mm thick table tops on the market but we manufacture all of our tables to a 19.5mm thick top as standard so that they can all withstand contract use and last long periods of time.


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