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Round Folding Tables

Round Folding Tables

Round Folding Tables

Our wooden round folding tables are manufactured using an exterior grade plywood. Plywood provides a very strong structural core and being exterior grade further protects the tables if being used occasionally outdoors or stored in a damp or moist environment. Our round folding tables are also manufactured with 6 coats of polyurethane varnish and have black tongue and grooved PVC edging. The 6 costs of polyurethane varnish add further protection to the table and prevent moisture from getting into the top of the table. This industrial varnish creates a wipe cleanable surface so if a drink is spilt to the table when the table is not covered with a tablecloth then the liquid can be simply wiped off. The PVC edging is designed to protect the edges of the tables and again prevent moisture from getting into the edges of the table. The PVC edging also protects the edges of the tables when the round tables are being rolled or the rectangular tables being stored on the edges.

round folding table
Our round folding table range is the most popular folding table that we supply. They are very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of settings. Plywood round folding tables are regularly used by marquee and event hire companies as they are a robust, simple and cost effective folding table. When hire and event companies use a product it is a very good sign as they tend to use their products very heavily. These tables are also commonly used as catering tables, banquet tables, function tables, event tables and general banqueting tables.

round wooden table
The plywood round folding table range is designed to be covered with a tablecloth especially when used in a formal environment. They can be used without tablecloths in informal settings but they are not a fine finish product. They are priced to be used with a tablecloth and used mainly for banqueting. We offer a wide range of table linen to dress the different folding tables to match in with colour theme. When choosing table linen for these tables please bear in mind how far you would like the tablecloth to drop down the table. This really is personal preference but approximately halfway down the table is quite popular. You then don’t have too much tablecloth on your lap when eating.


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